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Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine is a fascinating specialty offering the full breadth of clinical possibilities with the challenge of a time critical element.

The variety, unpredictability and the guaranteed adrenaline rush, make emergency medicine the fastest growing specialty in Australia.

In Australia, the emergency department plays a far more important role than is commonly found in Europe. The ED not only resuscitates arrests, treats trauma and injuries but also is responsible for stabilising all critically ill medical patients.



Why Australia?

Australia's vast size and low population means that ED's in the cities service a large catchment area. Therefore, major trauma occurring in areas outside the city limits often require medical escort to 'retrieve' the patient from the scene of the accident.

Protecting the compromised airway and maintaining the haemodynamic status of a trauma patient retrieved from the scene of an accident involves a challenging skill set. 

To enquire about working in emergency medicine in Australia please contact us for further information.



The Variety

- The diversity of medicine seen in emergency departments is enormous.

- All emergencies from road traffic accidents to shark attacks are seen.

- A broad knowledge of many aspects of medicine is required and so the Emergency Department provides opportunities for continuous learning


The Excitement

- The acutely unwell medical or trauma patient provides the opportunity to apply many facets of medical knowledge and skills in a time critical situation.

- The ability to think fast and act fast is a skill acquired after years of training and seeing acutely unwell patients.

- Doctors who may have very limited experience of marine medicine or retrieval medicine will have the opportunity to develop new skills.



- Medical Degree from South Africa, UK, USA, Canada, EIRE, New Zealand or Australia.

- Interest in emergency medicine

- Doctors who are FACEP's, FFAEM's or FACEM's are eligible to work at a senior level in ED's in Australia.

- Other doctors with over 5 years in emergency departments may be eligible to work at senior level too.

- Doctors who are currently doing their residency, fellowship or registrar training in emergency medicine will be able to work at registrar level in Australia. All training in Australia will be fully accreditable on return to their home country.

- More junior doctors who have completed less than three years since graduation are eligible to work as a junior medical officer in the emergency departments in Australia.

- Terms of 6 months or more are available throughout Australia.




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